SNAPTAIN S5C Drone Review

The drones market is loaded with different drone models that come with different features and capabilities, going through them alone can be a bit tricky and confusing. Knowing what drones have what features and what do certain features mean exactly. If you’re not a drone expert you certainly can get confused and if you’re you would also need this article to highlight the most important features on this particular model, the SNAPTAIN S5C.

SNAPTAIN S5C is packed with features that make it a drone that deserves your hard earned money since it’s able to provide the fun of flying a drone and quality images and videos from its camera and you will be able to fly it even if you are a beginner since it’s simple and easy to fly.

If you want to have a quick look at the SNAPTAIN S5C drone click on the link.

Build & Design

The drone is a medium-sized drone that’s not very large and not so small in the size of the drone, it is made off ABS plastic material that adds to the robustness of the drone due to the robust properties of the ABS plastic.

The drone also comes with 4 propeller guards that help protect the propellers in the case of the drone crashing into a wall or something.

It comes also with a landing gear that protects the drone from the bottom of the drone and the camera from crashes.

The design of the drone makes it a beginner friendly drone since it’s not very expensive- check the price on Amazon, it’s designed with robust material and has propeller guards and landing gear that will protect the drone from many crashes.


The camera that the SNAPTAIN S5C uses is a 720p HD camera that dilvers high-quality images and videos. The camera streams live to your smartphone for up to 80m, the camera also has an SD card so you get the video saved on the SD card even if the video transmission is lost.


The performance of the SNAPTAIN S5C drone is great in indoor environments and okay to poor in outdoor environments, due to its light weight it has low wind resistance so any slight wind breeze can cause a disturbance in the control of the drone system.

The other thing to mention about performance is that the drone doesn’t respond to the controller after a certain height, around 4m,(probably because of the wind.

Battery & Flight Time

The SNAPTAIN S5C drone comes with two batteries each is 3.7 Volts 550 milliamps providing 7-9 minutes of flight time and which needs around an hour to fully charge.

There have been a lot of complaints around the flight time of the battery and many have reported that it’s only 4-5 minutes and that they have never got 7-9 minutes of flight time.

Also many have complained about the long charge time and short flight time making it boring and killing the fun of flying a drone.

Features & Capabilities

The drone up until now have done well in the build and design section and in the camera section and have been stumbling a bit in the batteries section and okay in the performance section, let’s see what it’s going to offer to us in the Features section.

The SNAPTAIN S5C drone offers great features and capabilities and they are:

  • Altitude hold
  • 3 Speeds
  • 360 degree flips
  • One key return
  • Trajectory flight
  • Virtual control
  • Headless mode

Altitude Hold

In this mode, the drone holds its height in the same position as it was last commanded.

3 Speeds

The drone comes with 3 speeds in order to allow beginners to get used to flying the drone at the lowest speed and it also offers higher speeds for more advanced drone users.

360 Degree Flips

These are flips that the drone makes that you can do to impress an audience or something.

One Key Return

When you hit that button the drone automatically returns to where the controller is.

Trajectory Flight

This feature allows you to draw a line on your smartphone device in the app of the drone, you draw the line and the drone starts following it.

Virtual Control

This is where you can use your phone as the controller.

Headless Mode

This is where the driving of the drone shifts from the drones own directions to the controller directions so it is easier for beginners to fly the drone.


The SNAPTAIN S5C is a good drone that suits the beginners due to the robustness of the material that it’s made from, it flies very well indoors but if I were you I wouldn’t fly it in a windy day because it has bad wind resistance.

overall, the pros of this drone are:

  • Robust design
  • Flies smoothly and responsive while flight
  • Comes with propeller guards
  • Has 3 speeds
  • Has altitude hold
  • Comes with 2 batteries
  • Has many cool features

The cons are:

  • Bad at wind resistance
  • Poor battery life
  • No low battery warning
  • The range isn’t great
  • Short flight time & long charge time

In the end, if you want to purchase the SNAPTAIN S5C click on the link it will direct you to Amazon where you can buy it.

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