Drones are pretty useful for multiple kinds of tasks having one is a thing you probably will never regret. From agriculture to inspections and maintenance and even photography, drones can help a lot increasing our capabilities and helping us reach new spectrums that we could never reach before.

The SNAPTAIN A15 model is a great model that is unique in its design and capabilities, we are going to talk about its design and build, its performance, the camera, features & capabilities, and battery & flight time. so let’s get started.

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Build & Design

The SNAPTAIN A15 is a mid-sized drone that fills the palm of an adults hand.

The most unique thing about this drone is its design which makes the blades foldable which make portable and easy and simple to travel with the drone any where.

The drone comes with extra propellers so if something wrong happens to your propellers you’ve got extra ones to back you up.

And the drone also comes with propeller guards to protect the propeller from crashes and it has landing gears for landing the drone and protecting its bottom side from crashes also.

The design of the SNAPTAIN A15 drone makes it beginner friendly since the propeller guards and landing gear will protect the drone from any crashes a beginner might drive it into, and it makes the drone very portable and easy to travel with since it has foldable blades that make the drone more flexible and portable.


The camera that the SNAPTAIN A15 holds is a 720p HD camera that provides First Person View(FPV) to your phone through wifi, the quality of the images and videos provided by the camera is good but not so great, it’s okay for personal use but it’s probably won’t suit a professional business such as a photography business.

The FPV mode gets activated by downloading the Snaptain app on your smartphone then you connect the smartphone to the drone through wifi then you open the app and select the FPV mode so it gets activated. And you can save the videos or images on your smartphone through the app

The camera also comes with an SD card that the videos automatically get saved on so if the wifi connection is out of range the videos still get saved to the card.


The drone performs really in the flight tests and it’s pretty responsive to the controller. It’s also easy and simple to use the controller and it’s not really complicated to drive the drone.

The drone seems to be stable in the wind which means you can fly it in windy days and not get worried about losing it, but try this at your own risk, me personally would wait for a not so windy day to fly the drone outdoors.

Battery & Flight Time

The SNAPTAIN A15 comes packaged with two batteries 3.7 Volts 800 mAh each, providing 7-9 minutes of flight time per battery, and each one needs 90 minutes to become fully charged.

Features & Capabilities

The drone comes with many features & capabilities that make it a great drone to have. The Features that the SNAPTAIN A15 comes with are:

  • One button take off
  • One button landing
  • 360-degree flips
  • Voice control
  • Fly trajectory
  • Altitude hold
  • Headless mode
  • Emergency Stop
  • One key return

One Button Take Off/Landing

This feature comes handy for beginners and first time users of the drone, ’till you get used to the drone and its dimensions this button will be of help to you.

360-Degree Flips

In this feature the drone performs 360-degree flips while flying in the air, it performs the flips in the direction that you specify through the controller.

Voice Control

You can command the drone without pressing any buttons by using voice control, commands like: “take off”, “landing”, “left”, “right”, forward”, “backward” can help you fly the drone wherever you want.

Fly Trajectory

This feature allows you to draw a path on your smartphone and the drone will start following that path.

Altitude Hold

This mode allows the drone to hold its height in the position that you drove the drone to.

Headless Mode

This mode switches the commands from the drones direction to the controllers direction making it easier and simpler for beginners to operate.

Emergency Stop

In case something goes wrong you can hit this button and catch the drone before crashing into something or going out of range.

One Key Return

This feature also makes things easier for beginners to fly the drone, what this feature does is when you press the specified button the drone will return to the controller’s location on autopilot just like the landing and take off.


The most unique thing about the SNAPTAIN A15 is its design, foldable blades makes the drone portable, flexible, and easy to travel with.

The SNAPTAIN A15 also has so many features that make it suitable for both beginners and experts alike.

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