SharkSpark SS41 The Beetle Drone Review

Photographers are obsessed with taking great images from unusual angles that make their photos cool and unique, drones equipped with cameras offer just that. Drones offer new angles for images and photos to be taken from, they provide unique view and perspective to the world that helps the photographer, or the user of the drone, take stunning images or videos that will satisfy his desire of capturing great images and will impress the audience with the fascinating images that he have captured.

SharkSpark SS41 The Beetle is a unique drone from that point of view because it’s not only equipped with one camera but two 1080p, 720p cameras that provide a great way for beginner drone users plus advanced drone users to capture images and videos, with this drone you can start flying it very easily and take great images that will satisfy your inner photographer.

So lets check out this drone model and what it has to offer so you can decide if it’s the right model for you.

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Build & Design

The SS41 drone has a unique design with the rear propellers inverted which gives a cool looking to the drone model. The drone itself is made of plastic, which makes it a bit vulnerable to being damaged in the case of a crash.

Even though the drone itself is made of plastic it is designed with beginners in mind so it comes with landing gears that are rubberized, the landing gears serve as an object for the drone to land on, also the drone’s bottom is going to be protected by the landing gears in the case of crashes.

For the drone’s propellers, they can be protected by the attached propeller guards that serve as an object that protects the propellers from being damaged or broken in the case of a crash.

The drone is considered to be a mid-sized drone and the exact dimensions of it are: 11.4 x 10.8 x 2.4 in.


The camera system of the SS41 drone consists of the following: a front 1080p camera, and a back 720p camera.

Both of the cameras provide First Person View(FPV) through connecting your smartphone to the drone and downloading the app of the drone, First Person View mode provides a view of what the drone is facing and what’s in the back of it just like you’re driving a car.

The image and video quality of the cameras are great and the FPV transmission is smooth and not choppy, you can capture and save videos and images on your smartphone through the app.

There’s no SD card slot in the drone so the only way to save images is through the smart phone app, and the cameras can’t be tilted so you will have to tilt the whole drone in order to adjust the angle of your photos.


The drone is very stable while flying through very mild wind, so the wind resistance abilities is good and the drone is not blown away by the slightest breeze of wind.

It has good WiFi connection and excellent distance for FPV, so the drone will be able to fly long distances and still provide FPV so you can watch what’s the drone facing.

The transmission range is 328 ft which is okay for a drone of this size, the attracting thing is the flight time that the battery provides which is 14-16 minutes which is great, the downside of that is charging time which is 150 minutes which is too long.


The SharkSpark SS41 drone is packed with features that make it fun and enjoyable to fly these features are:

  • One Key Takeoff/Land
  • 3 Speeds
  • Headless Mode
  • VR Headset Mode
  • Flight Path Drawing
  • Lost Control Protection
  • Gesture Control
  • Optical Flow Positioning

One Key Takeoff/Land

With a press of a button the drone can automatically takeoff or land which makes the job of flying a drone a bit easier for a beginner.

3 Speeds

Beginners and advanced drone pilots can enjoy flying this drone with the 3 different speeds the drone can be operated with so every one can enjoy.

Headless Mode

This mode is best for beginners it makes the task of flying a drone a lot easier, in the normal non-headless mode the drone gets operated based on where the drone’s nose is so the right direction is the right direction of the nose of the drone and the front is the front direction of the nose of the drone and so on, in the headless mode the drone gets directed based on the direction of the transmitter itself, so right is right relevant to the transmitter and left is left relevant to the transmitter and so on, which makes flying a drone a lot easier.

VR Headset Mode

The drone in this mode could be operated by wearing VR goggles, which can be a fun thing to do.

Flight Path Drawing

In this mode you can draw a trajectory of lines on the screen of your smartphone and the drone will follow that path, this mode is helpful in case you want to take a shot from a specific angle or something of that matter.

Lost Control Protection

The drone will slowly begin to land when it’s out of control to reduce the possibility of loss or damage.

Gesture Control

You can take photos just by making some gestures with your hands in this mode, the gestures are: peace sign, open palm, framing box.

Optical Flow Positioning

The drone will hover automatically and steadily in the air thanks to high precision orientation sensors, so you can shoot high quality images and videos from any angle.


The SharkSpark SS41 The Beetle drone is a drone for beginners that has lots of great features that make it fun and enjoyable to fly, it’s very optimized for picture capturing and for selfies with 2 cameras one in the front and one in the back so you can use the most suitable one to get the best image.

Advantages Of the drone:

  • High wind resistance
  • Very good image quality
  • Dual camera
  • Great features like gesture control & optical flow
  • Good battery life

Disadvantages of the drone:

  • Very long charging time
  • The app has some issues that need to be fixed
  • The battery comparament design isn’t the best
  • Needs a flat surface to take off from, can’t takeoff from grass surface due to the inverted design.

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