Best Cheap Drone For Photography

Drones are booming these days and they play a role in how the future would look like after a few years and decades, but even in today’s society drones have many uses and applications such as mapping, agriculture, search and rescue, and more but one of the most common uses of drones is photography.

Drones offer new angles to the photos, images, and videos that photographers can use to show their perspective to the world and take unique images that better showcase the object that they are shooting.

Finding a drone that has the best quality that doesn’t break the bank can be a hard task especially in this market where a ton of drone brands are flooding the market with different drone models that have features that vary from model to model and from brand to brand which can be quite confusing.

We have compiled this list of best cheap drones for photography for you so you can pick the one that best suits your needs and requirements without having to go through the pain of searching through the pile of drones, we’ve made the job easier for you.

This list will be sorted based on the price which means the lowest price will be first on the list and the highest price will be last.

1- Cheerwing Syma X5SW-V3

The Syma X5SW-V3 is a great drone for beginners in drone photography. If you’ve never flown a drone before this drone is good for you because it has the lowest price so you won’t be as stressed for crashing your drone or breaking it.

It has a camera but it won’t give you the greatest shots that you want to take because the camera lags a bit and it is shaky, the only way to capture photos and videos with this drone is through your smartphone, by connecting the smartphone to the drone’s WiFi and downloading the app, because the drone doesn’t have an SD card slot so the phone is the only way.

The camera can’t be tilted while flight so you will have to adjust the camera angle to the best angle possible before takeoff which can be annoying if you want to take photos professionally.

To gain more insights about the design, performance, and features of the Syma X5SW-V3 read the full review from here.

2- ScharkSpark SS41 The Beetle Drone

The second drone on the list is also a great option for both beginner and professional drone photographers, it still has a low price that makes it accessible for anyone who wants to own a drone, in fact even the most expensive drone in this list is still accessible for everyone because it’s less than $500.

The SS41 drone is a great drone and in fact the only drone model that comes with dual camera the front with 1080p and the back is 720p, the quality of the images provided by the drone is great and it has a great FPV range which allows for more flexibility.

The only way to capture images and videos with the SS41 is also through your smartphone and the cameras do not tilt so the only way to adjust the angle of the photos or videos is through adjusting the whole body of the drone which may be hard to do if you’re a beginner.

To learn more about the design and features of the SS41 drone read the full review from here.

3- Snaptain S5C Drone

The Snaptain S5C drone is another drone that has a great price point and offers great quality for what you’re paying for, it’s not the best quality drone for photography in the world but it is one of the best cheap drones for photography which is the goal of this article.

You have two options two capture videos and images with this drone, through the Snaptain smartphone app, and through SD card, so the images and videos will be saved even beyond the FPV range of the drone.

The camera can only be tilted manually before flight which means the angle that you’re going to shoot the images and videos with is going to be fixed during flight which can be annoying from a photography point of view.

To learn more about the Snaptain S5C and its features, design, and performance check out the full review of the drone from here.

4- Snaptain A15 Drone

Another great model from Snaptain is the A15 drone, it’s a foldable drone that’s convenient to take it with you while travel and it takes great photos and videos.

You can capture images and videos in two ways which are saving images through your smartphone connected to the drone through WiFi, or saving it on SD cards which allow you to save images beyond the FPV range.

The camera can be tilted manually only so that means you will stick to one shooting angle during the whole flight until it lands and you can adjust it again which may be frustrating from a photography point of view.

Read the full review of the Snaptain A15 drone to gain more insights about its performance, design, and features from here.

5- JJRC H68 Drone

The most unique thing about the JJRC H68 drone besides its photography abilities is that it provides up to 40 minutes of flight time with two batteries each provides 20 minutes, this makes it the best drone for filming long duration videos due to its ability to stay up in the sky for the longest time possible.

The only way available to capture images and videos with the H68 drone is through the app that’s downloaded on your smartphone and connected to the drone through WiFi signal.

The camera can only be tilted manually which means you will have to set the angle of the camera prior to takeoff and shoot with that angle until you land the drone again.

To learn more about the performance and build of the JJRC H68 drone read the full review here.

6- Potensic T25 Drone

The Potensic T25 drone is a drone that has camera and it has GPS which allow for lots of cool features such as automatic return at home, which is great when you lose connection with the drone, and follow me mode which is great if you are cycling or something similar where your hands are busy but you still want the drone to fly with you.

You can capture images and videos in two ways with the Potensic T25 which are the SD card and your smartphone connecting to the drone through the WiFi connection and saving images through the app. The SD card option is great for flying beyond the FPV transmission range which regularly shorter than control range and the smartphone option saves the images and videos directly to your phone which is great for selfies and such.

The camera in this drone can be tilted by the remote so you can adjust the angle of the shooting while flight which can be a great deal for photographers who are looking to take the best shot possible without the frustration of having to land the drone every time to adjust the angle.

To learn more about the design, performance, and features of the drone check out the full review from here.

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