Holy Stone HS100 Drone Review

The drones market is loaded with many drones that have different features and capabilities that it’s easy to get confused and overwhelmed with information about each product, we are here to help.

Today we are going to walk you through the Holy Stone HS100 drone so you can decide for your self if that’s what you are looking for and if that is the right product for you, without you being overwhelmed with information.

What we will do is that we are going to talk about the build & design of the Holy Stone HS100, its feature & capabilities, the controller,and the camera.

Build & Design

Holy Stone HS100 is a large drone (50cm length & width, 20cm height -if we count the landing gear) that comes with extra landing gear, two sets of propellers, and propeller guards.

The propellers come disassembled and you start by assembling them, you can find the instructions of assembling the propellers in user manual.

It’s important to note that you must have the landing gears on all the time so that the drone lands on them instead of landing on the camera itself.


The Holy Stone HS100 has many features that make it worth its price -check the price of the HS100 by clicking on the link.

One Key Take Off/Landing

The drone has one key take-off/landing feature, when you press the specified button on the controller for take-off it will automatically jump into the air and when you press it back it will automatically land it the ground all while controlling and adjusting its own speed.

One Key Return

The drone has a one key return feature, which means that by a single press of a button the drone returns to its home position where it started flying from, it doesn’t have obstacle avoidance though so make sure there are no obstacles in the way of the drone before hitting the return button.

‘Follow Me’ Mode

In this mode the drone follows the controller while the smartphone is installed into the controller in its place, the ‘follow me’ mode then uses smartphone GPS to follow you wherever you go.

Altitude Hold Mode

In this mode the drone holds its height into a fixed place in the air.

Headless Mode

This mode makes things easy for beginners but it might be somewhat confusing to explain, the idea is that there are two fronts while flying the drone, your front -or the controllers front- and the drone’s front, these two are separate so the directions you’re going to give while flying the drone are going to differ.

The headless mode lets you care about one front only, your front, so it’s easier for you to fly the drone and it may prevent you from giving wrong directions and crashing the drone.

The Camera

The drone comes with a 720p HD camera that can take photos and record videos while on the air or on the ground, it has 90 degrees tilt and it can be connected to your smartphone device through the app so you can do live streaming from the camera to your phone, the camera also comes with SD card so if the connection to your smartphone is lost the camera can still save the video.

The Controller

The controller is very simple and easy to use one that’s not complicated nor needs an expert to figure out how to use it, it comes two throttles one for height and the other for front and side movements, it also has a speed controller so you can adjust the speed of the drone and it has an image and video capture buttons and you can adjust the tilt of the camera from the controller.

The controller has a built-in battery that can be charged using micro-USB cable.


The Holy Stone HS100 is a great drone for beginners and it has great features and capabilities that make you consider it even if you are an advanced drone user.

its only draw back is that the battery needs 3 hours of charging for 15 minutes of flight which seems like a century, and also you may face some issues with the camera while flying.

Other than those it’s a great drone that is beginner friendly, so if you want to break into the drones world this is a great start.

You can purchase the Holy Stone HS100 by clicking the link, or check other models of drones from here.

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