What are Drones and What are They Used for

Technology is on an ongoing evolution process for over a century right now and with every evolution phase new devices emerge and others die.

One of the products of the evolution process that technology has been going through is drones. After we have got used to riding the air in airplanes technology yet insists to offer more value through its innovations by offering drones and UAVs to us to help increase the prosperity that our society enjoys.

In this article we are going to explain this, not so new, invention and speak about it is uses in the different sectors of our society.

What are Drones

Drones are flying robots that can be controlled either remotely, or autonomously through software installed on the vehicle. They were first invented for military purposes and then found its way into the consumer market and became a popular device for hobbyists, professionals, and businesses.

Drones, UAVs -or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles- are different synonyms for the same object: a flying robot without a pilot driving it.

It was firstly invented to prevent the loss of pilots lives while doing their military missions and then various uses were found for this new device.

Drones can have different designs, it can have fixed wings and one motor in the front of the drone, this design is similar to airplanes that are used for travel, it can also have different shapes with a different number of motors, the design varies for the different applications and uses of the drone.

What are Drones Used for

Drones are used for many different things and can be categorized differently. We can categorize the uses of drones by the purpose of the use as:

  • personal
  • or professional

and we can categorize the uses of drones by sectors as:

  • photography and film making
  • inspections
  • agriculture
  • security
  • rescue
  • entertainment
  • mapping
  • or other.

for example, in the inspections category we can do:

  • domestic roof inspections
  • industrial roof inspections
  • solar park inspections
  • environmental inspections
  • pipeline & powerline inspections
  • tunnel inspections
  • aircraft inspections
  • wind turbine inspections

this is to name a few, we can find a ton of drone uses through the different categorise that we have just mentioned, besides flying the fun that you get out of flying them is enough.

Drone Uses For Business

Drones have reached a degree of maturity that allows them to be used not only as a hobby or personal purposes but also as for business and professional purposes, an example of businesses that drones can be used in is photography.

What Drones Can Do For a Photography Business

For a photography business drones can help in weddings and real estate photography.

A wedding is a special moment that people would love to memorize in every single possible way and by offering drone photography you are adding a new angle that people would love to save their memories from.

In a real estate business, the buyers would love to see the property from every possible angle and an angle that would show the property in a wider view would be a welcomed addition.

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